• Chicken

    • Acapulco Chicken


      Charbroiled chicken breast strips topped with a special zesty creamy chipotle sauce garnished with tri colored bell peppers, served with rice, lettuce, avocado and queso fresco

    • Jerry's Chicken


      Grilled chicken breast, cooked with sautéed mushrooms, onions and spinach, covered with cheese sauce. Served with rice on the side and three flour tortillas

    • Sierra's Chicken


      Grilled chicken cooked with mushrooms and onions. Served over a bed of rice, garnished with fresh guacamole, grilled zucchini, squash and jalapeños peppers

    • Hidalgo Chicken


      Grilled marinated chicken breast served over a bed of rice and black beans, topped with pico de gallo

    • Pollo loco


      Juicy chicken breast strips served over a bed of rice and topped with cheese sauce

    • Loco Rice

      A bed of rice, covered with cheese dip and your choice of meat: *Chicken 9.99 *Steak 11.99 Texano 12.99

    • Drunken pollo


      Tender chairbroiled chicken breast brushed with a tequila lime glaze and topped with cilantro, onions and melted Mexican cheese, served with white rice and beans.

    • Pollo asado


      Half roast chicken seasoned with Mexican herbs, served with white rice, Mexican potatoes, sautéed red onions and a little smoke sausage.

    • Chicken Poblano


      Grilled chicken breast topped with creamy chipotle, grilled poblano peppers and bell pepper served with southwest rice, salad, tomatoes and avocado slices.

    • Casa Grande Chicken


      Chicken breast stuffed with ham, pepper jack cheese and southwest mixed vegetables, then deep-fried and lightly topped with creamy brown pomegranate sauce and mushrooms, served with southwest sauce and California vegetables.